Stewarding your success

As experienced advisers to successful individuals and families, we know all too well that wealth and renown bring with them increased complexities and responsibilities. We understand that these often extend beyond strategic career, business and investment decisions, and that managing the personal and external pressures of wealth and acclaim can be overwhelming.

We also know that no two people, or families, are the same. That the complexities and pressures you face are elevated, specific, unique and complex, as are your financial advisory needs. Furthermore, we understand that your privacy is paramount.

Our responsibility and our focus is on reducing your complexities and pressures by providing you and your family with the ultimate financial advisory and support solution. We do this through our proven integrated financial advice approach – built on our specialised skills in the essential financial advice disciplines, an in-depth understanding of our clients and their needs and extensive experience in the selection and management of trusted, best-of-breed external Advice Partners.

Like you, we are a success story in what we do and are like-minded in our drive to be the best we can be, for you.

“The people on my team have played a big part in my achievements. That was true of my Moto GP successes and is certainly the case as I continue to grow my business interests and investment portfolios.”

- Michael (Mick) Doohan A.M.

Right for you?

Acting on behalf of some of Australia’s most acclaimed professionals, we genuinely understand the rigorous workload, the dedication required and the crucial need for privacy and anonymity in coordinating your financial life in line with your business and personal life. We also empathise with the pressures of competition and renown that high profile professionals experience.

We recognise your unique, specific needs and financial requirements, which is why we tailor each and every solution to our clients’ circumstances.

We achieve this using our integrated, in-house, specialised skills and expertise coupled with our close liaison with other trusted professional Advice Partners. With us, you can be assured:

  • We understand the specific needs of high profile professionals;
  • All your financial affairs are coordinated under one roof via a single, trusted adviser;
  • The ability to see and track your overall net worth against expectations and benchmarks through consolidated reporting incorporating the value of your investments, property and other assets;
  • The peace-of-mind to be able to ‘retire’ comfortably with a comprehensive investment strategy that is regularly monitored and reviewed;
  • Unexpected medical or life events won’t disrupt your wealth management or wealth creation plan;
  • Your business and investment structures will deliver the optimal mix of commercial and taxation outcomes;
  • You have access to optimal taxation and superannuation strategies and outcomes;
  • Financial security for your family and assets through an estate plan prepared for the unexpected and inevitable;
  • Your financial advisory needs and concerns will be comprehensively taken care of so you can focus on your career, your family and your life.

With MGD Private, all your financial affairs will be coordinated through one single, trusted adviser with the utmost privacy so that you can focus on your career, your family and your life.

Having acted for many successful entrepreneurs and business owners, we are familiar with and have a deep understanding of your needs and the dynamics you can face at both a business and personal level. Most importantly, we recognise your time is extremely valuable.

We cover the full spectrum of advice you require over the business lifecycle, from starting or acquiring businesses, through ongoing management and growth, to exit strategies including trade sales, private equity and transitioning the business to the next generation. More specifically, we can advise you with respect to:

  • Preferred / optimal business structures;
  • Raising capital;
  • Securing bank finance;
  • Trade sales;
  • Private equity participation;
  • Business succession;
  • Business acquisitions and expansion;
  • Business valuations;
  • Shareholder agreements.

Another skill that proves invaluable to our clients is our ability to project manage and coordinate their panel of existing professional advisers. We not only embrace the input of external specialist advisers, but we also actively manage their engagement and contribution to ensure a seamless advice solution for you and your business.

With this integrated “no gaps” advice solution as our point of difference and our foundation, we can also provide you with other services to complete your financial advisory solution, including:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting;
  • Taxation advisory and planning;
  • Taxation compliance;
  • Self-managed superannuation advisory and planning;
  • Self-managed superannuation compliance;
  • Company secretarial;
  • Family governance;
  • Asset protection;
  • Estate planning;
  • Retirement planning;
  • Investment advisory;
  • Philanthropy.

As we partner and assist you on your business journey, we will align every piece of your personal and business financial life in order to offer you a complete, integrated financial solution so you can focus your time and effort on what you do best.


Whether you are the creator and/or steward of your family’s wealth, you are charged with a great responsibility – to ensure that wealth and legacy endures. We can help you manage that responsibility more easily. We intimately understand the complexities and challenges faced by wealthy individuals and families in building, managing and preserving their wealth at the personal, family and business levels.

Being acutely aware that the ‘family office’ is being heavily promoted as the panacea to these complexities and challenges, we have tailored our offering to ensure that your existing or proposed family office solution is right for you.

We recognise that striking the invariably delicate and often notoriously difficult balance between the business of family and the family business and investments is crucial to your family’s harmony, success and endurance through the generations.

We also understand that the majority of wealthy families in Australia and Asia are still very active in business or, if they are not, they still retain some direct business or private equity interests. To that end, we have built a far broader advice capability than that available through more traditional family office advisers. For example, our deep experience in business advisory, incorporating in-house taxation and corporate finance consulting, significantly differentiate our family office model.

Some of the key benefits of our family office model include:

Endless possibilities: Each solution is exclusively tailored to match our clients’ needs and goals.

We are privately-owned: We are not constrained by any third party product or service provider.

We project manage: We take care of the planning, coordination and execution of each client’s unique strategy and coordinate all external advice partners.

We collaborate: We embrace the knowledge, commitment and loyalty of our clients’ existing pool of advisers.

We are connected: We enlist the ‘best of the best’ professional advisers from our unparalleled network of specialists.

Privacy is paramount: Our clients’ anonymity is of the utmost importance.

Retained control: You and your family preserve key decision-making powers as you direct.

As your trusted family office adviser, our services include:

  • Family office design, development and management;
  • Family governance;
  • Taxation advisory and planning including preferred/optimal business structures;
  • Treasury including raising capital and securing bank finance;
  • Corporate finance advisory including trade sales, private equity participation, business succession, business acquisitions and expansion, business valuations and shareholder agreements;
  • Administration and reporting including bookkeeping and accounting and taxation compliance;
  • Self-managed superannuation advisory, planning and compliance;
  • Company secretarial;
  • Asset protection;
  • Estate planning;
  • Investment advisory;

Ours is an evolutionary approach which delivers you a family office solution for today – from introducing improvements to a single family office to the provision of an outsourced or virtual family office (and everything in between). Whatever your needs, we can assist you.

Although moving to or investing in Australia is an attractive option, the complexity of our migration laws and the potentially savage bite of our taxation system demands detailed and rigorous planning by appropriately skilled and experienced professional advisers to ensure optimal outcomes and a successful experience.

Before moving to Australia, there are a number of migration options that should be prudently evaluated. Together with our carefully selected and aligned migration Advice Partners, we can help you select the preferred option for you in order to enhance your migration experience.

It is also an imperative to ensure that you address all your tax affairs before your migration in order to avoid unintentionally or unnecessarily exposing your foreign business assets and income to Australian tax. We will work closely with your home country taxation advisers to ensure that any cross-border considerations and complexities are expertly managed before your arrival, which is critical.

Before investing in Australia, there are also complex taxation laws which demand careful consideration to ensure your Australian business and investment interests are structured tax effectively. With one of the highest taxation rates in the world here in Australia, specialist management of your taxation affairs is critical.

How can we help you:

  • Alignment with selected specialist migration agents;
  • Planning for Australian tax residency;
  • Establishing commercially prudent and tax effective business structures to optimise your Australian business and investment affairs;
  • Assistance in identifying possible business and property acquisition opportunities;
  • Due diligence, valuation and negotiation of business acquisitions;
  • Funding (finance) structuring and advice on business and property acquisitions;
  • Accounting services;
  • Management reporting and analysis;
  • Taxation advisory and compliance services.

Together with our Advice Partners, we are ideally positioned to help you navigate the complex Australian migration and taxation systems. Our significant experience in assisting migrants and foreign investors and our deep expertise in domestic and international taxation can ensure your Australian experience is optimised from both a personal and Australian tax perspective.